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 "Beast sex" and pans "Top Chef"

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: "Beast sex" and pans "Top Chef"   Sun Apr 13, 2014 10:23 am

4 key letters successful Direct Marketing

A Ida is a famous Verdi arias well known for his trumpet. Although the 4 letters AIDA have nothing to do with the name of the Verdi opera, you should always have ear. They should sound in your head when you want to replicate the process that will take a visitor to conclude the purchase act on your site.

L e model AIDA was developed in 1898 by St Elmo Lewis , a precursor of the mail. He had noticed the techniques of "fair barkers" who offered to urban markets of the Far West their miracle cures and lotions to regrow hair! (This could end with "tar and feathers" as can be seen in BD Lucky Luke).
- A = A ttention
- I = I nterest
- D = D ESiR
- A = A ction
This is the rule that must be followed to lead a prospect towards achieving its purchasing act. For the seller to a prospect, it is necessary in order:
1) Draw the A ttention
2) Bringing the I nterest
3) Cause D ESiR
4) Train the A ct purchase
AIDA is a magic word for Direct Communication. It's like " Sesame open up! "Ali Baba. And while the "Sesame" to Ali Baba opened the door to the treasure cave, AIDA will be your magic word that will open wallets and ... out the cards.
This process AIDA is universal in all transactions between two people , even in relationships not commerciales.Prenons example of romantic relationships and their construction!
1) Would not it must first attract the attention of the person you are trying to seduce noting.
2) Do not we then raise his interest! Say something, make her laugh, for example.
3) It is only then that you will give birth to his desire ...
4) Before entering through the Action. (I'll let you determine what will be the action)
It is only in this order that you can ensure your conquest.
Unable to generate interest, if you are not first noticed!
How to arouse the desire, if you have not attracted the interest!
How to conclude, if you have not given rise to desire.
Some say that by going directly to the action, you do not lose time! This is a mistake! Not only will you miss good opportunities for seduction but you may be prosecuted if the person you have jumped, began to cry ... "rape."
As another example, that of angler, the approach is the same:
1) You must first attract Attention fish , initiating and baiting. But we should choose the right bait, such as flies that fish usually eat. But if your bait is not for you have no chance to see bite
2) You must then generate interest fish by giving him the impression, the illusion that the bait is a potential prey for him. This can be a simple worm, a real fly, a small fish if you want to catch a predator. Especially since by skilled small movements you give it the appearance of life. Build a commercial offer with the appropriate words, which just aim, it is like riding an artificial fly that give the illusion of a prey fish! When in reality for the fisherman, the true prey is fish! As they say: "This is the biter bit!"
3) Maybe the fish are not hungry ... but there will come a time well or it will be hungry! Maybe is it curious? Maybe he is greedy? Maybe he wants to catch prey to prevent another fish to seize? Still, you have managed to ignite the desire in him, he will approach your fly. It is true that initially there will only touches! fish is safe ... or until voracious, it will rush luring believing they have made ​​the bargain!
4) This is the time for you to strike because it is the name that takes action to angling. After the little touches where the fish has shown his desire to lure, it's time for the fisherman to pull on the line and well hook a fish. Then just up the line and put the fish out of water ... directly in the cart!
As for print ads, mailings, e-commerce sites the communication should work the same way.
You must first attract Attention, arouse Interest, Desire and give rise to the cause of purchase Act.
The most important is your title. It should briefly summarize Attention, Interest and Desire to read the body of the ad.
This announcement develop the interest and desire with all the benefits the product brings to conclude on the Purchase Order.
Imagine, for example, that you wanted to sell a book about sex ... or pans.
1) Gender

L e "sex" is one of the most seller in the world matters. The majority of research on the Internet is through the word "sex." The 'porn' sites are more than 30% of total global deal on the Net. But the food and kitchen are also key drivers of human activity.
In 2 cases, we use logic AIDA
Suppose we have written a e-book, a simple manual on sexuality , the grip would proceed as follows:
On title : New: Everything You Need to Know about Sex (and can not ever tell you!)
Title : What is a sexologist in bed
subtitle : Finally revealed: 18 Secrets effective and easy to transform into "sex goddess"
Box : Free bonus if you meet today's Guide "small stuff" Great Deceivers

On track
CAUTION : Nouveau.Tout what you need to know about sex (! and that no one ever told you) The word " New "is the word harder to attract attention. It's like an irresistible magnet for all eyes. We are all curious and want to know what is "new". Tests were done with and without "New" in the grip. "New" increases yields by 35% on average. I've even seen yield increases of 50%.
Everything you need to know about sex (! And that no one ever told you) is a title on which keywords are:
Need to Know
never said

The subject of the offer is stated: It is you (the reader) and sex. This intrigue the reader, as if sex is the oldest and the most practiced activity in the world, everyone is wondering if he knows all about it. If there is sexual practices he does not know! If these practices are able to give him more pleasure. Or even allow it to be equal partners! Because many men are worried about their manhood, not to mention those who are actually failing.
Although it is men who are most often buyers 'sex', women also represent 10% of the market as they wonder if they have satisfied their partner and want to increase their enjoyment.

INTEREST : What does a sex therapist in bed
To all these concerns of men and women here in the title of a professional response . Very importantly, this response is not only theoretical but also practical! This is a sexologist who speaks of his science , and he does himself in his bed.
Everything is said in the title. This is a man who speaks Science. Sexologist also appears as a scientific guarantee that blew moral obstacles often maintained on this subject. The buyer may say so he buys a scientific treatise and not a book "porn".
subtitle :
DESIRE : Finally revealed: 18 Secrets effective and easy to make you a true sex goddess.
Even in this subtitle attention was again awakened. " Finally found "," 18 secrets "are a variation on the New. The number "18" is calculated and scientific (you might as well have read 17 or 19, the effect would have been the same!).
Interest is also recalled because these 18 Secrets are not only effective but are also easy . It is well said that there is no problem and they are within reach of everyone.
Finally is the main driver of said sale, promise to satisfy the desire:
"Make you sexy beast"
Everyone can see there is the realization of own fantasies.
Box :
ACTION : In addition to free if you meet today's Guide "small stuff" Great Deceivers
Already lead to action from the outset reading securities, subtitles, it is recommended to offer a free gift when immediate response.
Although by definition a gift is always free, the word " free "is another irresistible magnet for Direct Communication. Refusing a free gift?
Someone can be the refuse, but the vast majority of your readers will be drawn like a moth to light.
In addition, this gift must be related with the main product and be complementary.
"The guide tricks Great Deceivers" . This guide is perfectly complementary to the main product. It promises to make you a sex goddess but the gift you promised him to easily find partners.
This is easy with the "small stuff" Great Deceivers. You will discover in this guide that great seducers are nothing more than you but they know simple and effective tips to find a new partner every day ... with these tips that work every time.

S i is analyzed well AIDA process it functions as a "funnel" from its widest aperture at the entrance to its final narrowest part, where the prospect finds himself conquered, and with only one desire, that of taking action.
On this same principle of trap 4 levels apply the AIDA principle to the sale of pots.
2) Pans
Pans "Super Chef"
I l no more stupid than pans. Perhaps one might think that we can not sell in VAD (Distance Selling) pans and what is wrong. We can sell everything with Direct Communication.
It is necessary to know to sell pots, is that we do not sell simple kitchen utensils, but the promise of successful good food. This is one of the first rules of Direct Communication I learned from my mentors.
They told me: "Do not sell only pans ... Make salivate! Will bring water to the mouth of your customers! " Imitating chefs, is an occupation increasingly popular, see the success of the show "Top Chef"
P renons example new pots composed of a copper layer and a thicker layer of aluminum, returning much cheaper than traditional copper pans of our grandmothers and great chefs. On the outside, this is but copper within the aluminum.
However because of this external copper they bring the same qualities as the traditional cooking copper pots, but because of their aluminum interior, they are much lighter and much less expensive. Great chefs have begun to adopt.
Now here is the application of AIDA funnel process . these pans we call "Super Chef"
On track: New - Surprise "buds" of your family and friends
Title: How to succeed recipes Great chefs pans with "Super Chef"
subtitle: Finally pans professional kitchen available in limited quantities for individuals
Box: In addition to free if you meet today's Guide "small stuff" Great Chefs

On track
CAUTION : Nouveau.Étonnez the "buds" of your family and friends
"New" is still the first word magnet. This is a loving word so much that you can use in all your communications.
" Surprise your family "," Surprise your friends "is also a classic of communication. It brings the reader to distinguish the promise and be granted extraordinary qualities. This is one of the primary needs of the individual, called the need for "recognition" . The word "disc" refers to food and to the satisfaction of the primary natural need: hunger!
But this evocation by the "buds" is much more subtle because it already promises a refined satisfaction.
INTEREST : How to succeed recipes Great chefs pans with "Super Chef"
Here, the "sexologist" as a professional is replaced by the "Great Chefs". The key words are "How", "success", "easy", "revenue".
" How "is a key word because it announces a solution to a problem. U.S. calls "hook word" because it allows to hang the reader by promising him a concrete and positive answer to a problem.
" Success "is a variation on the theme of efficiency of the announcement " sexologist "and" easy "and the equivalent of" easy "in the same ad.
Because it is a constant consumers, they want "solutions easy "to their problems. Try to sell a solution to a difficult problem, input your readers get discouraged!
The product name "Super Chef" is important., In itself it holds the promise of success and identical to that of the Great Chefs success.
subtitle :
DESIRE : Finally pans professional kitchen available in limited quantities for individuals.
The major keywords are:
" Finally , "which plays on novelty.
The " professional chefs "who value the product by adding a high symbolic value added.
" available for individuals 'utensils that were reserved for professionals become available for individuals.
The " limited quantities "play on the notion of scarcity and encourage the transition to the action.

Box :
ACTION : In addition to free if you meet today's Guide "small stuff" Great Chefs
The free gift is also driving the action. It is perfectly suited to the product. It is a " More Product . " He reveals tips (small stuff) Great Chefs to succeed every time their recipes. In addition, it encourages immediate action, because it will only be available if the client meets the same day.
"Act now - Act Now" say the American copywriters because they know that if the recipient does not act immediately, we must count on him to control later.

To complete, argue, contradict .... this article, I invite you to leave your comment.
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"Beast sex" and pans "Top Chef"
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